How to effectively clean your bathroom tiles

Are you really going to spend thousands on a new bathroom and NOT learn the best way to take care of it!?


Keeping your bathroom tiles in tip top condition is very important, it may seem like a chore but your bank balance will certainly thank you! Your bathroom is the most private room in your entire house for obvious reasons, you would not want guests to have time to consider how dirty your bathroom is, would you?


Protecting your investment is important and that is why we recommend you do not clean on the cheap, we highly recommend LTP cleaning products as they will give you the best results every time!

LTP Cleaning Products


Knowing where to start when you begin your cleaning can be a tough decision to make, we have made this step by step guide to help you get the best results possible.

1. GROUT -

Grout is always one of the first areas that you may notice stains or discolouring, grout itself is a product which needs protecting just as much as your tiles as it is porous and overtime will begin to discolour. Cleaning your grout first makes a whole lot of sense, imagine scrubbing your tiles to then have to wipe them again due to the dirt and grime you take off your grout!

Initially you are going to want to use the LTP Grout Stain Remover (Diluted) and an old toothbrush which is absolutely perfect for scrubbing away dirt and grime that currently lies within your grout lining. Using an old toothbrush to clean your grout may take a little while longer than the usual quick wipe with a cloth but the results will speak for itself.


You may have certain areas of the bathroom which may be much dirtier than others, with this in mind start in the areas you consider to be the worst. For this job we would recommend you use the LTP Grimex as it is extremely suitable to remove even the hardest areas of built up grime away from the surface.

Upon applying the correct amount of Grimex onto the surface of the wall tiles it is important that you really scrub the formula into the tiling for the best effects, once covered and fully scrubbed let the Grimex soak in for 15 minutes. Once soaked wipe the tiles down with a damp cloth to remove the dirt and grime.

How to clean wall tiles


Decor tiles can be much more challenging and time consuming to clean and each pattern tends to be completely different. If you have a glossed decor wall tile you may be at an advantage. We would highly recommend you use the LTP Grimex fir this job once again.

Textured decor tiles may take a little longer as you need to get into the small cracks to really clean the tile up as well as possible.


Tiles that have been specifically made for floors need to remain slip proof, it would be unwise to use products that will cause any corrosion to the tiles over time as they could well become slippery in the future, causing you or a family member physical injury.

Using the LTP Grimex or LTP Power Stripper (diluted) you can scrub your floor tiles with ease, ensuring they always look new.


The final process would be to ensure you fully seal your tiles, so to protect from any further water damage in the near future. Depending on the tiles you have you may use;

LTP MPG Sealer - Perfect for sealing polished tiles.

LTP Mattstone - Perfect for protecting natural and artificial stone along with unglazed porcelain.

LTP Glaze Protector - Perfect for protecting glazed ceramic/porcelain and full bodied unpolished porcelain.

LTP Grout Protector - Perfect to ensure your grout is less porous.

LTP Grout and Tile Protector - This spray is perfect for a quick and easy job, simple spray and leave it to dry.


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